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I'm just doing this because now as I'm getting this comic around, I'm getting a bit of help from others, and it's starting to really benefit the comic slowly by slowly. So I'll just give a few names and such.

Thanks bud. You're my best friend and this idea would've died 8 years ago if it hadn't been for the fact we planned a lot of it out. Hopefully soon we can work on the whole storyline for Grett 0. Outside the comic, we both work hard together, and hopefully we'll get SageWing somewhere.

If it hadn't been for you, Grett 0 would've had a less smoother start. I told you I should do this project, and you just said "Go for it!". And so I did. You also offered a lot of your characters which helped get a character count up enough for me to begin writing again.

Honestly, you've got to be one of my best friends, and the sad part is, we've never really met. But you're always a joy to talk to, a joy to have aboard, and it's always a laugh to see you in the comments and out there advertising your ass off for me. I'm not sure what part of that made me want you to be more than just a character in Grett 0. And as the story plays out, your character is going to stick out a little more than others, that's for sure. Because it fits you; you ALWAYS stand out.

Thanks to Zman, you've looked over the comic. Of course, you nit-picked over the controller that will never be seen again anyways, but regardless you offered a hand. Now the sprites are getting done sooner and quicker. I know at this time it's only Ryoku, but I'll send a couple over your way to help out.

Angry Robot
If you hadn't scared me with that PM, I'm pretty sure I would've walked into that huge plot mistake. I know that the mistake won't be seen, bu that's because you helped out with a few of the bigger plot points. Once I get more details in, I'll let you know. Also, thanks for the offer on the Cross-over ;D

Every Cameo
Well, there's not so much I can really say, but with offering an appearance, you are the ones who truly make the game seem more realistic than my stupid "tutorial" bits and "controller layouts" and that crap.