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June 10th, 2010, 5:48 pm


It's been about two weeks or so, hasn't it?

Anyways, I've announced that my other comic is ending soon, just when I finish up the current storyline it's on, which hopefully won't take too long... And of course a collab comic I'm part of called "Sexy SatAM" or "Sexy Saturday Morning Adventures" is on hiatus for about a month or more because the Author cannot work on it much and I'm focusing on this a lot more.

Of course there's two other "comics" I'm part of, one which does not have any bit of schedule, and the other...

The tutorial "chapter" or "saga" is almost over. This battle will conclude, and Grett 0's plot will finally kick in. It may be a little... well, boring and slow at first, but I assure you that as it progresses, the pace will kick up, and the story will drift into a more original tale rather than "WE HAS HACKERS LULZ!"

Of course, I have changed the character's page to link to my forum where I kind of have a bit more free range on working on each character. I also have a guide on "How to: Cameo" because I'm still getting messages that violate my guidelines, so please read the guide before asking. If you're unsure, ask me and I'll tell you what you need to get accepted (unless I think it's good enough).

I've added two new links since last time; I actually put TTK in and I linked to YoshyRyu's site (because he is helping with sprites afterall). Then there's a "special thanks" page thanking everyone helping out in making the comic how it is (Also note that submitting your character does not contribute to this list)

I've also got plans on perhaps maybe adding a "Extras" page with anything related to Grett 0 but not exactly canon, or just a picture or something.

Let's also not forget that while the year is unimportant [Note that I said it was "20XX"], but I DO try to make the game seem as realistic as possible, so the tutorials will pop up every once in a while [Such as the comic "How to: Battle"]

Well, this seems to have gone on long enough. But a quick mention: The update schedule may change to "Wednesday, Saturday, AND Sunday", and all three pertaining to the plot. How's that, eh?

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