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May 29th, 2010, 1:11 pm


Check it out, I'm updating my blo- *brick'd*

Anyways, It feels as though things are slowing down, including time itself. Probably because I've pre-made and pre-uploaded each comic so far... Anyways, since summer is here, I get quite a bit of time to work on this. However, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I won't be home for about 12 hours, so I can really only work on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Unless I'm somehow still alive when I get home).

To kick things off, I'm getting a better hold on HTML stuff. Dregan gave me tips on Line breaking and images (Which he learned by looking at the HTML Exerkol had put in Bar'd's layout) and Maxi showed me how to link things.

So, now I have two new pages up from last update. Not only do I have a character's page, but now a guide on "How to: Cameo" and links, which at this moment only has two. So if anyone wants to link me, I'll check out your site and I'll see if I'll link it.

I sent Kuromu the app to be co-author, but just as he's never on Skype, he's NEVER on SJ. I'll convince him to get on soon, accept the app, and help me out with HTML. But before that, I should explain that during the 8 years of planning, he's done just as much as I had, so I want everyone to give him a big 'round of applause next time you all see him!

Though... as online work kind of quiets for me, assuming work took a summer vacation, real work is picking up. At least I'm getting around $800 for it, so by the end of summer I will be getting Adobe CS4 so I can do a lot of things by then.

This has gone on longer than it should've, but a quick note: I've been affiliating myself with a few flash artists; two of which I already know (Kuromu and Christh), the onthers are the guys on the TTA Fan-forum who do TTK - The TOME Knights. All I can say is I'm having a slight cameo (Being that is all I asked for) and the fact we might do cross-overs between TTK and Grett 0. Cool, huh? (Perhaps I should put TTK in the links page...)

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