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A virtual online game... what would the perfect one be like? But of course, nothing is ever perfect, especially not when it comes to the Cyber World. Usual main updating times: Wednesday and Weekends.

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A notice.
A notice.

June 10th, 2010, 5:48 pm


It's been about two weeks or so, hasn't it?

Anyways, I've announced that my other comic is ending soon, just when I finish up the current storyline it's on, which hopefully won't take too long... And of course a collab comic I'm part of called "Sexy SatAM" or "Sexy Saturday Morning Adventures" is on hiatus for about a month or more because the Author cannot work on it much and I'm focusing on this a lot more.

Of course there's two other "comics" I'm part of, one which does not have any bit of schedule, and the other...

The tutorial "chapter" or "saga" is almost over. This battle will conclude, and Grett 0's plot will finally kick in. It may be a little... well, boring and slow at first, but I assure you that as it progresses, the pace will kick up, and the story will drift into a more original tale rather than "WE HAS HACKERS LULZ!"

Of course, I have changed the character's page to link to my forum where I kind of have a bit more free range on working on each character. I also have a guide on "How to: Cameo" because I'm still getting messages that violate my guidelines, so please read the guide before asking. If you're unsure, ask me and I'll tell you what you need to get accepted (unless I think it's good enough).

I've added two new links since last time; I actually put TTK in and I linked to YoshyRyu's site (because he is helping with sprites afterall). Then there's a "special thanks" page thanking everyone helping out in making the comic how it is (Also note that submitting your character does not contribute to this list)

I've also got plans on perhaps maybe adding a "Extras" page with anything related to Grett 0 but not exactly canon, or just a picture or something.

Let's also not forget that while the year is unimportant [Note that I said it was "20XX"], but I DO try to make the game seem as realistic as possible, so the tutorials will pop up every once in a while [Such as the comic "How to: Battle"]

Well, this seems to have gone on long enough. But a quick mention: The update schedule may change to "Wednesday, Saturday, AND Sunday", and all three pertaining to the plot. How's that, eh?

May 29th, 2010, 1:11 pm


Check it out, I'm updating my blo- *brick'd*

Anyways, It feels as though things are slowing down, including time itself. Probably because I've pre-made and pre-uploaded each comic so far... Anyways, since summer is here, I get quite a bit of time to work on this. However, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I won't be home for about 12 hours, so I can really only work on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Unless I'm somehow still alive when I get home).

To kick things off, I'm getting a better hold on HTML stuff. Dregan gave me tips on Line breaking and images (Which he learned by looking at the HTML Exerkol had put in Bar'd's layout) and Maxi showed me how to link things.

So, now I have two new pages up from last update. Not only do I have a character's page, but now a guide on "How to: Cameo" and links, which at this moment only has two. So if anyone wants to link me, I'll check out your site and I'll see if I'll link it.

I sent Kuromu the app to be co-author, but just as he's never on Skype, he's NEVER on SJ. I'll convince him to get on soon, accept the app, and help me out with HTML. But before that, I should explain that during the 8 years of planning, he's done just as much as I had, so I want everyone to give him a big 'round of applause next time you all see him!

Though... as online work kind of quiets for me, assuming work took a summer vacation, real work is picking up. At least I'm getting around $800 for it, so by the end of summer I will be getting Adobe CS4 so I can do a lot of things by then.

This has gone on longer than it should've, but a quick note: I've been affiliating myself with a few flash artists; two of which I already know (Kuromu and Christh), the onthers are the guys on the TTA Fan-forum who do TTK - The TOME Knights. All I can say is I'm having a slight cameo (Being that is all I asked for) and the fact we might do cross-overs between TTK and Grett 0. Cool, huh? (Perhaps I should put TTK in the links page...)

May 23rd, 2010, 9:22 pm


So, I'm getting far more and more serious with this project everyday. Then again, it's something I've been planning for 8 years alongside two other spriters. Sadly, one of them left just before new years a few months ago, and we're not on speaking terms. The second, however, is my best friend in real life. He goes by many names, mainly Kuromu. But one thing I didn't realize is that he signed up on SJ under Sundaki, which yes, is his character in Grett 0. SO every time I reference Kuromu outside Grett 0, I mean him. He has three other names he goes by; it's fairly confusing.

At this moment in time, I have three comics pre-uploaded. #003, #004, and #005, each to come out on Wednesday, Saturday, then Sunday, which usually isn't an update day, but y'know.

I'm trying to lure Kuromu/Sundaki to co-author to make the layout all pretty. He knows far more HTML than I do.

Speaking of which, I got a characters page up, HTML tips of which Dregan had given to me that he learned from Exerkol just by looking over the HTML for Bar'd. So I indirectly learned from Exer. But thanks to Dregan passing along the tips to add images and line breaks, I give you three characters. One will be introduced on Wednesday and Saturday, the second which is predetermined of when he'll pop up since I've yet to make that given page. The sprites are blurred to prevent sprite theft. I've been at this for 8 years, think I'm that stupid? Anyways, you get a few details about the character, and also see who the character was created by. I cannot exactly archive a cameo unless they're important to the plot in some way, so apologies to anyone wanting to cameo.

So... that out of the way, I do have a forum I'd like to see people join. This time I'm not begging about Squid Power (Although you should). It's more or less directed towards Grett 0 itself. There's a big section of the forum just for that. You can talk about it, ask questions (Given within limitations of course) and a bunch of other fun stuff. Also serves as a mini forum for my group "Sage Wing" I satrted with Kuromu/Sundaki. You can also post your comics, arts, music, games, etc. It's half for spriters and artists and half for... well, boasting myself in the end :P

The forum can be found here:

I look forward to what Grett 0 brings out of both myself, and anyone who happens to enjoy it.

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